Charging and Remissions Policy


To broaden the pupils’ education and enhance their learning within the topic being taught..



Educational Visits: Voluntary contributions are essential to enable most visits to take place. No child can be excluded for financial reasons. If insufficient funds are collected from voluntary contributions the visit may be cancelled or supplemented from the school budget or school fund. Parents of reception & nursery pupils are invited to support the school fund by giving a small contribution each week. (For further details on Educational Visits please see appropriate policy).


All money collected for school trips is transferred and paid via the school budget share.


A charge is made of £1.60 per week for swimming and travel expenses. Parents are required to pay for appropriate swimming certificates and badges.


Visiting Speakers, theatre groups etc.

Voluntary contributions are often essential to enable visiting speakers or theatre groups to visit school. No child will be excluded for financial reasons. In the case of insufficient funds:-

  • The visiting group or person would be cancelled
  • The visiting group or person accepts the amount of money collected
  • The voluntary contribution is supplemented from the school budget, school fund or School Association fund.



KS1 children in school are able to purchase milk through the milk scheme provided by County.

Milk is provided free for pupils under 5.

Persistent non-payers have access to their own bottle of water.

Students may bring in their own water bottles for the classroom.



Children are entitled to a free school packed lunch if they are on the free schools meals register when they attend a trip.


Lost Books

If published books or games are lost or damaged we request an appropriate contribution towards paying for a replacement copy or a game.



Occasional school events may arise which necessitate selling school programmes to help cover the cost of the events. Parents are invited to buy these if they wish.


Pupil Premium Grant

This is available to free school meal pupils and can fund school trips, club both inside and outside school.


Monitoring the Policy

This policy was devised by the Governing body and is monitored annually.