Culture and Climate

The Park Lane Vision

Today’s Learners | Tomorrow’s Leaders


Our vision is to encourage independent learning and to provide the children with an environment that is engaging and enthusing to allow for all learning styles.


Each member of the family will keep in balance those three dimensions of school life, as expressed in the Trust motto, always associated with the very best maintained and independent schools: a strong pastoral system which ensures each child is known and understood, the broadest provision that widens minds and opportunities and the highest standards of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom.



Proud traditions

We are making the development of character a priority. Through our values-based education we aim to nurture the development of active peaceful and caring citizens. Through our curriculum, we are creating a positive culture for teaching and learning that we believe is vital for a successful education in the 21st century.  We are developing the capacity of all professionals to result in providing high quality lessons to achieve high levels of attainment and progress. Ideas are encouraged and trialled to allow rigorous systems and practices to be embedded within the school.


Rigorous Performance Management programme supports us in building the capacity necessary to build the capacity for consistent and sustained school improvement. CPD is tailored to staff needs to support and motivate their teaching.

Wide horizons

We aim for all children in Key Stages 1 and 2 and a high proportion of Foundation Stage to attend at least one free club each week. This supports the philosophy behind the value wheel and will enable all children to have the opportunity to widen their experiences and pursue their interests.

High achievement

Our value based school seeks to promote an educational philosophy based on the children valuing themselves, others and the environment through the consideration of an ethical values vocabulary. This practice encourages adults to model values and gives time for reflective practices which   empowers our children to become effective learners and consequently good citizens.


We have a strong commitment to raising standards and a team approach to achieve this. We aim for all children to have knowledge of mind-sets and to use a growth mind-set to improve their attitude to learning and ultimately their progress.


Through the table arrangements we are allowing children to begin to take ownership of their learning. Independence is very important and is a key focus within school; when work is differentiated appropriately all children should be able have a varying degree of independence to support high achievement.