Curriculum details

Curriculum statement:


At Park Lane we have designed a curriculum that equips our children with the skills and personal qualities necessary for them to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.


Our curriculum is very practical and offers many opportunities for children to access varied and exciting experiences to enrich their lives.


Our learning involves many visits and opportunities to learn in different environments and by engaging with visitors to the school. Whilst maintaining the focus on literacy and numeracy, we ensure that the children have the opportunity to enhance these skills through a range of topics. These are carefully structured to give a balance of learning opportunity and draw children’s abilities, to make links and find meaning in their learning.


We value the part which parents and carers play in their child’s learning and are committed to keeping parents informed regularly through updates on the curriculum and homework so that they are well informed to support their child’s learning. Each class provides parents and carers with detail regarding the skills and content to be taught each week so that progression in skills is evident.


Pupil voice is a key driver in our curriculum design; through consultation with the children we are encouraging them to be instrumental in shaping the curriculum to broaden their interests.


In creating a curriculum that is bespoke to our school we are raising aspirations and ambition so that our children are able to become independent lifelong learners and be ready to compete successfully nationally and internally with their peers.


For more information about the curriculum on offer at Park Lane please contact the school office. Details can be found on our contact page.