Special Educational Needs



Our school motto is ‘Today’s Learner, Tomorrow’s Leaders’ and this is embedded into the ethos of the school for all our children.


At Park Lane all children receive quality first teaching within the classroom. The lesson activities are differentiated to meet the needs of the individual child. All classes are fully equipped with Maths and English resources to promote individual learning. The school is a communication friendly environment with visual timetables, literacy and numeracy process lines and visual prompts.


Children are assessed according to levels of needs and targets are set, monitored and reviewed in light of the progress made. Where necessary, time focused interventions are put in place to address the identified barrier. If the child still doesn’t make accelerated progress, parental consent will be sought for school to liaise with external agencies, eg Educational Psychologists, Early Intervention Service, Speech and Language Therapy, IDS, CAMHS, for advice and assessment.


Special needs in children may be mild to severe or temporary to long term. We take into account the children in school that may have differing needs, and make provision for them. At half termly Pupil Progress Meetings, interventions are reviewed and further programmes are put into place to accelerate progress.


We have an Inclusions Manager who is trained in the Common Assessment Framework and offers this provision to meet the wider needs of the child and their family. The families work alongside professionals and have valued their support, saying that it has made an improvement to their family life. At the end of each academic year, an excellent liaison with staff from nurseries and secondary schools ensures a smooth transition of pupils leaving and joining our school. Where necessary, a member of our staff accompanies children for an induction visit to their new educational setting and continues support as required.