Friends of Park Lane

Welcome to ‘Friends of Park Lane’ group.


Staff and Parents are welcome to join this group.


The role of ‘Friends of Park Lane’ group is for parents, carers and staff to support the school in improving our environment and find ways to help to make the improvements. We aim to forge better links between parents, carers and staff to improve our school community and enrich the education and social experiences of the children.


This group is very active in arranging extra activities for the children such as

The Monthly Coffee morning, Christmas Fair and 5p challenge.

The ‘Rag Bag’ initiative they organised is proving to be a great fund raiser.


As well as raising funds, they have also donated money to the MacMillan Cancer Charity. This term they have purchased fruit trees, drinks and cakes for the coffee mornings £600 of library books and put 30% of all funds raised to create a cycle track in the playground. The group meets monthly and discusses future events and how the money is to be spent to enable all children to benefit. The ladies and gentlemen are friendly and informal group and are willing for you to bring pre–school children with you during the meetings. We are always looking for new members who could support us. Any time you can give would be appreciated.


For further details please contact Miss Harvey

024 7638 2924