⭐️The Nuneaton Academy / Hartshill/ George Eliot Transition Days ⭐️

The Nuneaton Academy/ Hartshill/ George Eliot Schools – all part of the Midland Academies Trust – will this year be offering a a 3 day transition experience called ‘Advance to go’ on the 6th, 7th and 8th July 2022 from 8.45-3pm each day. This will give Year 6 pupils attending these schools the opportunities to become familiar with the school, enjoy a wide range of lessons and feel confident about the new new academic year before the start of the summer holidays.


Activities include:
• Getting to know the form group and your new form tutor
• Becoming familiar with the school, where classrooms are, and lessons take place
• Where key places are eg First Aid, the library, the office and the lecture theatre
• Experience new subjects and lessons
• Know what to do if the fire alarm rings and where to go

We will update you of further transition days from other secondary schools once we receive them. Thank you! ✨