Friday 11th December: Christmas Jumper Day & Christmas Dinner Day

On Friday 11th December, the halls of Park Lane were flooded with excitable, joyous Griffins wearing some delightful Christmas jumpers to celebrate, ‘National Christmas Jumper Day.’ It was wonderful to experience so many happy faces on this day and to get involved in such an influential charity that is close to many of our hearts. In addition to Christmas Jumper Day, this day also saw one of our most desired events of the year: Christmas Dinner Day. It was sadly not the Christmas Dinner celebrations that we usually hold at Park Lane, however we remained festive and it was truly splendid to see so many of our Griffins enjoying their Christmas Dinners, which involved a Festive Turkey and Stuffing Panini and Herby Potatoes. As stated via our platforms, we endeavour for this Proud Tradition to be celebrated in the New Year, where we hope for conditions to be more suitable for the event.