Learning about life-cycles

Learning about life-cycles

Year two have been showing lots of curiosity this half term in their learning about life-cycles. Over a few weeks we have carefully observed some larvae eggs hatch into beautiful, painted lady butterflies.

When the larvae eggs had hatched into tiny little black caterpillars we put them into clear plastic pots with lots of food. We watched them crawling around their pots as they gradually turned into huge, fat caterpillars! As they got bigger we noticed that they changed colour some were brown and some were green.

After a few weeks the caterpillars grew a kind of shell around them as they turned into cocoons. We then attached the cocoons to some card and transferred them to a net. The cocoons didn’t move much but sometimes they shook from side to side! Then we noticed that some of the cocoons had started to crack open and some of them had a kind of red liquid coming out of them. (This was the colour that they would eventually be).

One morning we came in and we noticed 3 or 4 butterflies perched on the side of the net. We were very excited! We watched carefully and we saw that as the butterflies emerged from their cocoon they had to flap their wings to dry them off before they could fly. We took the net around the school to show the butterflies to other classes and we talked about it in assembly.

Eventually, after all the cocoons had hatched we took the net outside and put the butterflies on the flowers in our founder’s garden.

It was a really fun and exciting way to learn about lifecycles.