Online Safety

Throughout the school children have been learning about keeping safe online. Sometimes we don’t realise just how far the digital world has developed and for our children it can really be a dangerous area. We hope the children have learnt how to keep themselves safe and their awareness on the issue will instill a positive use of the digital world we live in.

Mrs Quick and Miss Shelton spoke particular with our year 6 students about the safety of social media. To demonstrate the power of images we post online we shared an image on the schools social media page asking for people to comment where in the world they saw the message. I can let you know now that within one hour of the photo being uploaded the image had been seen in Auckland, Australia and Toronto, Canada. It had already reached over 5,000 people.

At the time at publishing this article 16,000 have seen the image and it had received 166 shares. Comments were recieved from the following countries:
Chillán, Chile.
Alcobaça, Portugal.
California, USA.
Ontario, Canada.
Doha, Qatar.
Beirut, Lebanon.
Perth, Australia.
Guadamar, Spain.
Cairo, Egypt.
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Viña del Mar, Chile.
Whakatane, New Zealand.
Mumbai, India.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA.
Lesvos island, Greece.
Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada.
Bali, Indonesia.
Charlottesville, VA USA.
Manila, Philippines.
Antananarivo, Madagascar.
India, Kerala.
Philadelphia PA USA
Tucson, Arizona USA.
Oakland, California USA.

As well as countless UK destinations. WOW!