Pirate week

NNJJJ280516Park Lane (3)Pirate Week

During Pirate Week every child across the school took part in swash-buckling activities designed to promote their inner buccaneer spirit. After all, you’ll not find a more mutinous bunch than a school full of primary school children!
The highlight of the week was a visiting theatre group’s presentation of their latest action packed play: Treasure Island! The children were blown away by the rowdy adventures of Long John Silver and his scurvy crew. And what made it even more exciting was that it was totally free for them – they didn’t have to spend a single doubloon!
Captain Silverbeard Middleton and First Mate, Miss Bonny Harvey, created a treasure trail that saw gangs of children from Years 1 to 6 marauding around the whole school in search of tasty treasure. The quickest teams were awarded, but all who took part loved the experience and really showed off their riddle solving abilities.
Each year group also enjoyed a week of maths and English but with a pirate twist – from battle ships to treasure trails, or Wanted posters to adventure stories on the high seas. There was something for everyone! On the final day, children and staff came to school dressed as pirates – and what a motley (but happy) bunch we were.
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