Year 2 visit Weston-Super-Mare

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Year two certainly do! What a fabulous day we had on Tuesday at Weston-Super-Mare. The sun was shining – well not quite! But we had a good hour or two playing on the sand and splashing in the sea before the showers came.
The children built some amazing sandcastles and had great fun trying to bury each other in the sand. Not to be outdone Mrs Hutt made a fantastic sandcastle village decorated with shells, Mrs Hancock made a wonderful sand sculpture of a starfish and Mrs Gee dug a very deep hole! Unusually, for Weston-Super-Mare, the sea was within walking distance so we raced off for a paddle and a splash in the sea before lunch. Some of us got a little carried away and got wetter than we had intended – didn’t we Miss Farmer?
In typical British summer style it began to rain so we packed away our buckets and spades and headed off under the shelter of the sea aquarium to eat our lunch. We had to keep chasing off those pesky, scavenging seagulls though!
After lunch we headed on down the beach to the donkeys. Wow! what fun we had! Michel loved them so much he said he is going to buy one when he is older!
Finally after the donkeys it was time to go home. We had a brilliant day but we were very tired, some of us (Miss Ladbury and Mrs Morley) even fell asleep on the way home!