Phonics scheme

Reading across the school


At Park Lane we believe that learning to read facilitates independent life-long learning. Reading is at the core of our teaching and learning and when teaching children Phonics, we are empowering them to become strong, independent readers.


Phonics teaching is delivered through the Read Write Inc. (RWI) scheme. RWI is a complete Phonics program that enables children to read and write accurately and fluently so that they can develop their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling. RWI is taught at Park Lane for 1 hour daily in Reception to Year 2.


The program is designed for children aged 4-8, however, here at Park Lane we introduce Phonics to our children in Nursery to allow our Nursery Griffins to acquire key skills needed for early reading. We will also continue teaching children Phonics through RWI beyond the age of 8 to enable all children to achieve their full potential.


During RWI lessons children are taught in small groups of the same reading ability. The children are assessed every 6-8 weeks and regrouped to facilitate rapid progress. RWI is designed so that all children experience success in their reading. At Park Lane we aim to foster a love of reading, stemming from this feeling of early success.


Throughout the program children will learn the English alphabetical code: the 150+ graphemes that represent each 44 speech sounds. They rapidly learn sounds and the letter, or groups of letters, they need to represent them, in three sets of Speed Sound Lessons. Simple and enjoyable mnemonics help children to grasp the letter-sound correspondences quickly. This knowledge is taught and consolidated every day. Words that are not phonetically decodable (red words) are taught and practised frequently. Lively phonics books are closely matched to the children’s increasing knowledge of phonics and red words. Repeated readings of the texts support their increasingly fluent decoding. A thought-provoking introduction prompts for thinking out loud and discussion to help teachers ensure that children comprehend what they are reading.


When children complete the RWI scheme, they then enter the Accelerated Reader scheme to develop their comprehension and reading for pleasure which they will progress through as they transition through Key Stage 2