Phonics scheme

Reading across the school

Foundation stage:

Elements of Read. Write. Inc (R.W.I) are started during the children’s time in nursery, however it is fully implemented in reception with the classes not being split into groups until the initial sounds have been taught. Once the sounds have been taught securely, assessments will take place to determine groupings. Sessions will take place daily.


Key Stage One:
R.W.I. groups will be set following assessments carried out by the R.W.I manager. The sessions occur daily (except Fridays) for 1 hour with a 10 minute Speed Sounds session followed by Reading and ‘Get Writing!’ sessions. Once children ‘come off’ the programme they will then access RWI spelling and RWI Comprehension.


Key Stage Two:

R.W.I groups take the form of an intervention during reading sessions for those children with the greatest need in Year 3/4. In Year 5/6 the ‘Fresh Start’ Programme is implemented as an intervention.