School Uniform


As a Family, we pride ourselves on our school uniform and will be something that we focus on over the next few weeks to ensure that we get it right. We have a smart, but simple uniform that we require all pupils to wear. We ask that our Families ensure that their Griffin/s have the correct uniform which comprises:

  • A white shirt (Please note: Polo shirts are not to be worn).
  • Black trousers/skirt/shorts or a pinafore dress
  • Blue cardigan/jumper
  • A school tie
  • Black school shoes.

All of our Uniform, including sweatshirts, fleeces, hoodies and PE t-shirts are sold at cost and can be purchased from The Schoolwear Centre, located in Nuneaton Town Centre.

Physical Education Uniform

At Park Lane, there is an expectation that our Griffins wear a suitable PE uniform which should be the following:

  • Park Lane T- Shirt or Navy T-Shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Black Jogging bottoms
  • Black Sports Leggings
  • Navy Park Lane Hoodie
  • Reversible Waterproof Jacket
  • Navy Fleeced Jacket
  • Sports Trainers

All branded Park Lane uniform can be purchased from the School Wear Centre and sports trainers must be supportive with good grip to ensure for health and safety during lessons. When we return after half term, we expect the weather will be much colder and wetter therefore we would like to share the contents of the PE Policy regarding outdoor lessons:
‘Outdoor lessons will continue to take place, unless we are experiencing extreme weather conditions that could affect the safety of Our Griffins. Therefore, please ensure that your son/daughter is fully prepared and adequately dressed for their PE lesson that will continue to take place in low temperature and light rain conditions.’
Pupils with long hair are expected to bring a hair bobble to put their hair up and any pupils with a newly pierced ear must provide tape to cover them up, otherwise they will be expected to remove jewellery during their PE lesson for health and safety reasons. Finally, please be aware that PE kit must be worn to every PE lesson, even if your child is unable to take part as a performer to ensure that they can access the lesson, even as a coach or match official. Any pupils without PE kit will be expected to wear the clean spare kit provided.