Dare to Aspire

On Wednesday 29th January, Park Lane had the great pleasure of welcoming George Fouche from ‘Dare to Aspire’, a long with Race Leys Year 5 and Year 6 to share the wonderful experience. George Fouche is a third generation South African internal, professional rugby player, who across his career over 14 years, faced many challenging experiences, including a horrific neck break (in 1999) which would have brought most people’s Sporting Careers to an end. Despite this, George made a comeback to rugby and during this time qualified as a Maths teacher: being referred to as the ‘Teacher of the Year’. He now spends the majority of his time travelling around the UK, delivering workshops to school children to instil resilience, a determination to succeed and develop positive mindsets, through a variety of team-building experiences. The children’s reaction to George was a powerful one: both schools behaved impeccably and displayed many of their values and we are exceptionally proud of you! We are very much looking forward to welcoming George back to school, for further workshops and to continue to develop the mindset of our children.