EYFS Well-Being Showcase

Nursery Griffins
Since returning to school, our Nursery Griffins have been busy developing life -long skills. As part of our learning based on the ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, we made fruit salads. We carefully used the knife to cut pieces of fruit, learning how to use tools safely and sensibly. We tried strawberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries and bananas – they were delicious! We all showed great independence and enjoyed trying the different fruits with one another, describing the tastes and textures of them. Further to this, we used the drawing app on the Ipads to draw our very own caterpillars, thinking carefully about the shapes and developing our mathematical language skills, using terminology such as ‘long’ and ’round’. What fantastic learning we are doing.

Reception Griffins

Since returning to school this month, Reception have spent lots of time discussing their thoughts and feelings with their peers. After reading ‘The Colour Monster,’ we created our very own colour monsters in our creative area, adding different colours and textures to represent how we feel about being back in school.

All of our story time books have had a specific focus on feelings and we use our new colour chart throughout each day to discuss our ever-changing emotions. When we feel sad, or angry, we help our friends think of activities we can participate in to help them return back to being green and happy. Combining both classes, we completed an outdoor circle time where we each shared what we were most looking forward to once the lockdown restrictions ease and the most popular choice was bowling.


We are really proud of how both Nursery and Reception have spent time learning to regulate their emotions and being so considerate to all of their peers’ feelings – well done Griffins, you should very proud too!