Key Stage One Well-Being Showcase

Year One

It has been an absolute delight being able to welcome all of our Year 1 Griffins back into school this week. We started our week thinking about what we were looking forward to the most about returning to school.
We read the story ‘The World Made a Rainbow:’ a text that was inspired by the rainbows that children created displayed in their windows during the first lockdown. It explains how each of the colours made the little girl reflect and feel thankful for memories made and how grateful she is for the things she has. We created our own lockdown rainbows, thinking about what we were looking forward to, what we were proud of, what we’d miss about being at home, who our friends are and what we love.


Year Two

Since our full return to school, our Year 2 Griffins have completed a number of well-being activities. These include circle times, collective singing, regular dancing and exercise, as well as regularly checking into our feelings using our new emotions charts.

Our key focus throughout has been celebrating the fact that we are all together again. We have reignited our friendships and spent a lot of time discussing our school values. We have worked collaboratively to create a collage of our class, each of us contributing a picture of ourselves and thinking about our favourite things about being with our friends in person again. We are all so relieved to be able to play together and to support our friends in class.


Well done Year 1 and Year 2 Griffins –  we want your Families, and yourselves, to feel very proud!