Key Stage Two Well-Being Showcase

Year Three

Our Year 3 Griffins have designed positive thinking caps to describe what they were most looking forward to on their return to Park Lane. We have completed a variety of fun art-related activities, including making a volcano, as part of our Tremor topic. We had fun designing character masks and dressing up for World Book Day.
We designed a way of watering plants in countries suffering from drought during Science week. For Mother’s Day, the children sent beautiful messages home to the special people in their lives. They have learnt a new song called ‘Lighthouse’, listened to funny poetry, performed a scene from ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and researched facts about Spain as preparing to learn Spanish, as our new language choice. The children have tried Paella and created their own Spanish flags. Year 3 have also looked at Shakespeare and designed their own Globe theatres and even had time to sit and chat about themselves and how absolutely amazing they all are.


Well done Year 3 – we are very proud of you!



Year Four

Our Year 4 Griffins have learnt about the five steps to wellbeing. They are: connecting, being active, learning new skills, giving and noticing.

We have tried to include these ideas in different ways and activities in class throughout our initial time back in school. We connected with each other by making a piece of collaborative art, we have been enjoying completing the Daily Mile, we have learnt how to make butter and smoothies and made lovely flowers as Mother’s Day gifts.

As part of Shakespeare week we completed some drama, giving Romeo advice about how to have a positive attitude.


Sounds very positive Year 4 – a huge well done!



Year Five

Our Year 5 Griffins have been focusing on mindfulness since returning to school and discussing our own strengths and gifts. We felt this was a really important focus as it has been such a difficult and confusing year, that it is really important for us all (children and staff alike) to remember why we are strong and awesome.

After discussing our strengths, we each wrote a single sentence, on a strip of paper, identifying what we think our greatest strengths were. We will be taking these strips of paper and making a paper chain that will link between the two classrooms. This will remind our Year 5 Griffins that, whilst we are all superheroes, we are even stronger when we stick together.


Absolutely wonderful Year 5 – you should be so proud of your positive attitude!



Year Six

Since being back in school, our Year 6 Griffins have had the opportunity to look forward to the future, discussing their transition to secondary school and also any dreams and goals that they have. Last week we spent our PHSE lesson looking at some aspirational people (and the qualities and values that they possess) such as: Marcus Rashford and Malala Yousafzai, who are both inspiring individuals.

Following this, we began to think about our own career aspirations. Feeling optimistic, we looked at various career paths and the steps they we need to take to ensure that we are successful.


It was great to observe the Year 6 Griffins full of clear ambitions for the future and determined to overcome any obstacles that they may face along their journey. Well done Year 6!