Newsletter 20

Newsletter 20



Dear Parent/Carer

February sees the introduction of a new value – Love – and in assembly children were asked to think about who they love and how they show love in different ways each day. Our assembly slides are on the website if you would like to discuss this further at home with your children.

Once again this has been a packed week that has seen our whole upper school having the most amazing opportunity to tour Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon and also for our Year 6 children to act as tour guides to the general public. I was fortunate enough to accompany them and was exceptionally proud at how mature, confident and knowledgeable our children are.

Thank you so much for encouraging your children in to school and on time. Remember we are running our attendance drive until the end of half term and there are lots of vouchers for children to win.

HIGH ACHIEVEMENT Miss Terry’s class won the attendance prize last week – they were so excited when McDonald’s happy meals were brought directly to their classroom! Well done to Annija Laugmanis whose name was drawn to win the £10 Asda prize for 100% attendance last week . Remember there are lots of vouchers to be won for the children with the best attendance.

1. Every Friday the class with the best attendance will win a McDonalds meal that will be delivered to them that afternoon as a treat before they go home! (If there is more than one class it will be decided on the class with the best punctuality)

2. The names of all children that have had 99% or above attendance that week will be put into a hat and a winner drawn out – the prize will be a £10 Asda voucher.

3. Finally at the end of this half-term – the names of all children that have had 99% or above attendance will be put into a hat for a chance to win a voucher of their choice to the value of
3rd prize = £10 2nd prize = £25 and 1st prize = £50

As you know attendance at school is hugely important to enable your child to achieve and take part fully in all our school has to offer. Could I also ask that you ensure your children get to school on time – there is an increasing number of children arriving late for school. Being late can often unsettle your children as the lessons quite often have started and they start the day feeling rushed and behind.

WIDE HORIZONS Park Lane competed in the School Games KS1 Infant Agility event at George Elliot School on Thursday 2nd February. They competed against 4 other teams testing their speed, balance, throwing accuracy and power and jumping. WE WON the event with a score of 104 and now progress to the next round which is a first for the school and very exciting. Well done to everyone!

Park Lane offered a free trip to the whole of upper school to visit Stratford-upon-Avon yesterday to learn about William Shakespeare. Our year six children guided members of the public and the children of Park Lane around key points of historical interest in Stratford upon Avon. It was really exciting to see so many coaches leaving our school site and then watching our children as they experienced writing with quills and ink, having the opportunity to visit a strong room and look at artefacts that the general public don’t have access to, watching actors perform Shakespeare plays and walking around the house that William Shakespeare grew up in. It was such privilege to see our children in such a high profile role – myself and the rest of the staff were so proud of them – it truly was an amazing day. For more photographs and pictures – check out the Park Lane facebook page.

PROUD TRADITIONS Founders Day March 10th is the Griffin Schools Trust Founders day when your children will take part in a variety of activities that offer service to our local community and celebrate being part of the Griffin family. As part of our tradition we want to share a meal with our families and will be holding an afternoon tea – please keep this date in your diaries. If you know of any community project that would be appropriate for our children to help with then please contact the school office. Class Assemblies As usual Achievement Assemblies will take place on Friday mornings at 10:30 am. You are welcome to join us for coffee from 10 am. Achievement Assembly is our opportunity to reward pupils for good work and good behaviour and for them to share any outside achievements with us such as weekend football/dance successes, special trips, photographs, etc. If your child is due to be presented with a certificate or award you will receive an invite to the assembly no later than the Wednesday of that week. As this term is short we have decided to do year group assemblies so every child has the opportunity to take part in an assembly. Friday 10th February – Values Assembly and Attendance Assembly Friday 17th February – 1CT Class Assembly and Attendance Assembly Our Star Learner award this week goes to the whole of upper school for their confidence and knowledge during our free school trip to Stratford this week. All our staff and the staff of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust were immensely proud of them.

I hope you have had chance to download our Park Lane app – this is updated daily and gives you the most up-to-date information about events at our school. If you haven’t already – simply go to the app store on your mobile phone and search Park Lane Primary School and Nursery – then download for free. It has links to our website and facebook as well as containing the most up-to-date information about events at our school. Please remember if you would like a paper version of our newsletter – just ask at the office.

Mrs Mills asked the Junior Leadership Team if they could help raise some money for Young Carers Day – 26th January. The JLT decided to hold a chocolate raffle and asked staff for donations of chocolates. The raffle was a huge success not only providing lots of winners with a selection of chocolate goodies but also raising £100 for the charity. Thank you for your kind donations.

Free School Meals

Please remember that school meals are free for all KS1 children. If you are in receipt of benefits you may be entitled to free school meals and pupil premium which may offer assistance with uniform, trips, music lessons, and other extra-curricular activities. Ask at the office for a form.

Friday 17th February

Please note we are having a super hero dress up day on Friday 17th February – where for bringing in a £1 donation your child can come dressed as their favourite super hero or princess. Elsa (from the Disney film Frozen) will be making an appearance and Foundation stage children will have the opportunity to complete a mini-assault course. All proceeds of the day will be donated to Raise for Rosie/Teenage Cancer Trust. This was decided by our Junior Leadership Team who wanted to raise money for cancer research. You may have heard in the news about Rosie’s story and how she has sadly lost her fight against this terrible disease – Rosie was a true super hero and raised thousands of pounds for the charities that helped her and continues to be an inspiration to others – if you would like to know more about how special she was please go onto facebook and search Raise for Rosie.

Finally as we endeavour to share as much information with you about our school and the exciting activities and learning your children experience here we really need your help with photographic consent forms. Please return them as soon as possible or just pop into the office and let us know – we will do the rest.

Thank you for your continued support,

D Wilson

Mrs D Wilson– Head of School