Roman Day

Year 4 Roman Day

Thursday 5th May became an exciting day for Year 4, when they were unexpectedly summoned to the hall by the loud call of an ancient horn. Gregorius Manlius, a Roman from the time of Boudicca, had come to teach us about his life and experiences. He told us the story of Queen Boudicca and how her tribe had wiped out most of his legion. He showed us his soldier’s kit and children were able to examine the artefacts and try on some of his armour. In class, we made our own artefacts out of clay and wrote with a stylus, just like the Romans did.
In the afternoon we became gladiators. Using a net and spear, we learnt how to trap an opponent before spearing them to the ground. We also played an ancient Roman board game which took a lot of skill to play well. The day finished with a famous myth that the Romans used to love. The whole day was action packed and lots of fun – but we learnt so much too! The children were a credit to Park Lane and made our Roman visitor feel welcome and valued. Thank you to all the parents who were able to support this special day with their contributions and by helping the children look so wonderful in their costumes.