Shakespeare Week

Shakespeare Week 
During March, our Griffins celebrated Shakespeare Week, an annual national celebration, where young people are immersed in Shakespeare related activities. The aim of the week is to provide children with enriching and enjoyable experiences, which engage them in Shakespeare from an early age.
At Park Lane, we marked the occasion in a variety of ways:
we learnt all about who Shakespeare was and why he is still talked about today.
Some of our children created Shakespeare hand puppets to use as an aid in storytelling.

Our older pupils engaged with Shakespeare by writing cinquains, soliloquys and Shakespearian insults. They also made use of the current online resources and went on a tour of The Globe theatre, where most of Shakespeare’s plays debuted during his working days. From this, some of our Griffins designed and created their own theatres, which they will continue to develop throughout the remainder of the term.

Our younger children, learnt all about the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and responded to this using their facial expressions. They developed their ideas by thinking about how the characters might move around a space and demonstrated this to music.
Some year groups studied one of Shakespeare’s most well-loved plays,

‘Romeo and Juliet’. They used the story line to create freeze frames and short scenes as well as thinking about the wellbeing of Romeo through role-play.
As part of the Griffin Schools Trust vision, great schools are built on rich extra-curricular programmes and this is always evident in the opportunities available to our Griffins.


What a fantastic week!