Victorian Christmas at St John’s Museum, Warwick

On Friday 2nd December Year 6 visited St John’s Museum in Warwick for a Victorian Christmas. They experienced life in a Victorian classroom with some children taking the roles of monitors; some having to pay late money; one winning the attendance award; one having to experience the back straightener as they were slouching and all having to call the teacher ‘Ma’am’ every time they spoke to her as well as experiencing Drill, outside in the yard. In addition to this, Mr Stonehouse was the school inspector, Mrs Quick a charity investor in the school and Mrs Mills played the Vicar’s wife whilst Mrs Hancock was in charge of taking photos of the event.
This was then followed by children enjoying Christmas crafts such as creating Victorian Christmas cards; making a Cornucopia, which is a decorative cone that is hung from the Christmas tree and filled with sweets and nuts and making a temperance(non-alcoholic) Christmas pudding in the Victorian kitchen.
There were lots of new, interesting facts learnt and a great day was had by all the children and staff.
Merry Christmas, from Year 6.