Year 3: Stone Age

Our Year Three Griffins have been learning about the ‘Stone Age’ this half term, researching different homes and tools that were used during that time. Did you know that all the tools used for hunting were made from stone?


We have studied Stonehenge, a world-famous prehistoric monument in the shape of a stone circle. It is situated in Wiltshire, England and has been around since the Stone Age. This theme carried through into our Art, where our Griffins have generated some astounding sunbathed skies behind the black silhouette of Stonehenge. We have looked at the story of the ‘Stone Age Boy’, by Satoshi Kitamura and our Griffins have retold the story in their own words creating some amazing narratives, both in class and on their Seesaw platform. We have also read ‘Ug: A Boy Genius’, by Raymond Briggs. It is a story written in the style of a comic and we have throughly enjoyed applying this style to our own stories. For maths we have been learning about weights and how to measure ingredients correctly, using different scales and understanding intervals, as well as capacity and how to measure liquids.


The Year Three team are immensely proud of our Year 3 Griffins – keep up the fabulous work!