Year 5: Ancient Egypt

This half term, Year 5 have been studying Ancient Egypt. We have been learning all about Pharaohs and how they were mummified after death. Did you know that all inside organs were removed and put into jars? The brain was removed by pushing a hook into the nose and pulling it out through the nostrils. Yuck!


Tutankhamun, quite possibly the most famous Pharaoh of all, lay undiscovered for centuries until his tomb was discovered by Howard Carter. We have been reading all about this, as our class text is based on these historical events.
In Art, we have been creating pictures of death masks, similar to the ones discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun and have also created silhouettes of the Great Pyramids of Giza (which we learned all about in Geography).


Well done Year 5 – some fabulous pieces of artwork to show here!